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The Wholeness Course is for self-reflection and to better understand why you think, feel and behave the way you do.

It gives a practical framework to understand how all areas of life fit into God’s plan, and provides tools that help us grow closer in relationship with Him, others and self.

This Course brings together the five areas of human function – the spiritual, rational, behavioral, physical and emotional aspects of self, and will be the start to developing healthier relationships with self, God and others.

It is also the prerequisite Course to the Counsellor Training Course.

Grace Counselling offers the Wholeness course throughout the year but can also be run in a church, home group or people can buy their own copy and work through it in the privacy of their own homes.

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STEP 2 | grace counsellor training

The Grace Counsellor Training Course [GCTC] will soon be available via Distance Learning so that you can complete the course in your own space and in times that suit you.

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This course offers a Biblically-based Lay Counselling Model.

The journey is one of discovery, self-development and investment in helping people put back the pieces of their lives as they place them before God.

The training will equip the student with the ability to provide short-term lay counselling that is goal-orientated.

The primary aim is to point people to a restored relationship with God.

Included in the Course are basic Lay Counselling Skills Training with practical applications, tools and assessments.

The course will cover the theology and psychology behind the model.

For those of you looking for a course in personal growth, this one is for you. Many GroupLife Leaders have also found this Course provided them with useful tools when facilitating their groups.

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Students that pass the relevant criteria of the training are invited to join the Grace Counselling Mentorship Programme, where they will come under Mentorship with Lead Counsellors in actual counselling sessions.

Our Lay counsellors offer hours that they are available so that we can offer counselling services to the community. 

We currently have counselling rooms at Ballito, Cornubia, Riverside, Somerset Park and also counsel online.

The Mentorship Program includes continued support from Grace Counselling, debriefing, Pastoral Counsellor Coaching, Upskill Sessions and various Workshops to ensure continued personal development.