the wholeness

counselling training course

Online on Zoom

Ten Mondays, 1900-2100

Starting 17 January 2022



If you are a mature Christian and feel you can love God by loving His people and helping them find their lives put back together by God, we can assist you with the training you need.

This ten-session Course covers the Wholeness Model of counselling used at Grace, which is a Christ-centred, Biblical framework of short-term goal-orientated counselling. The primary aim is to point people to a whole and healed relationship with God. This course also includes basic counselling Skills Training with practical applications, tools and assessments.

Registrants are required to have done the four-session Wholeness Course which runs twice a year at Grace and is available on DVD with manual. This short course can be done in your own time before we kick off in January. Mail to order / find out more or alternatively visit Edify-Building the Soul.


This Training is for those wanting to be equipped to become, or develop as:

A Potential Lay Counsellor at Grace*

For those wanting to become lay Christian Counsellors and join the Mentor / Mentee Programme at Grace Counselling.

Students need to provide two character reference forms, attend eight of the ten sessions and pass the examination and assessment criteria.

R1250pp [payment plan available]

Personal Growth / GroupLife or Small Group Leaders

For those wanting to undergo full training but will not participate in counsellor exams and assessments at the end of the training.

R1000pp [payment plan available]

A Pastoral Coffee-Cup Conversationalist

For ministry and group pleaders wishing to become better equipped for effective pastoral conversations. [Registrants will only attend the first four weeks of Model Training only.]


*Please note that completion of the Course does not guarantee that students will become lay counsellors upon completion. Students need to complete the pass criteria before they are inducted into our Grace Counselling Mentor / Mentee Programme.


• Session 1: Introduction and Overview of Wholeness Counselling Framework

• Session 2: Emotions, Beliefs and Behaviours

• Session 3: Thirsts and God’s Story – Genesis 1-3

• Session 4: Counselling, Clients and Communication

• Session 5: Listening and Empathy Skills

• Session 6: Silence, Summaries and Probing Questions

• Session 7: Confrontation, Resistance and Transference

• Session 8: Practical Illustrations

• Session 9: Exam, Assessment and Ethics

• Session 10: Defense Mechanisms and Learning to Hear God's Voice.


Once students have successfully completed this training, they can then enter our Mentor / Mentee Counsellor Programme, and sit in on cases with lead counsellors. After a time of learning and evaluation, they will then be ready to move into that lead counsellor role and mentor new students as they come into the Programme.

Our valued counsellors volunteer hours as and where they can, and we offer counselling online and at Ballito, Cornubia and Riverside. We invest into our counsellors with Upskill Sessions and Pastoral Coaching to ensure that they have everything they need for the counselling room.

We see roughly 100 counselling cases a week and our counsellors often walk away from the counselling rooms more fulfilled each week. The stories of healing coming from this ministry are so moving - from mourning to joy, from confusion to clarity, from wanting death to embracing life!

Our team of counsellors cannot wait to welcome you into the family as you journey with us on the Training.

Please note: The Wholeness Counselling Training Course caters for the development of the Grace Counselling Team* and Grace Family Church community. For national training, please visit Edify-Building the Soul

*Students and counsellors do not need to be a member of Grace Family Church to become a lay counsellor at Grace Counselling.

Note | For students who have passed the Grace Counselling Wholeness Counselling Training Course and completed the recommended and additional reading on said course, SATS will award 12 RPL points and offer exemption from the following:

• PRA2121 Christian Counselling 1 into the BTh or

• PRA1121 Christian Relationships into the HCCL or

• CCC1120 Biblical Basis of Christian Counselling into the HCCC

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Grace Counselling serves the local community by providing counselling resources and services through a network of churches.

Grace Counselling was birthed out of a passion to see God's Church serve a broken and hurting world. The demand however often outweighs the resource, so the vision grew into seeing churches pool their counselling related resources to serve each other and the community.


This site aims to be an open-access resource to aid all forms of counselling from church based, volunteer driven counsellors to professionals in the private sector and include resources from support groups to personal growth courses.


We also have lists of counselling professionals in our community and an overview of addiction treatment centres with direct links to their websites.


Our heart is to also see the standard of training available for lay volunteer counsellors in our churches grow, so if you are interested in further counselling training, then check out our upcoming training courses.


At Grace Counselling, we are all about being part of God's plan in putting the pieces of people's lives back together [Psalm 20.24 MSG].

Join us on this journey.


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