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The Grace Counsellor Training Course covers the Wholeness Counselling Model which is a Christ-centred framework geared to equip those who have a heart to see people heal and grow. The training will equip the student with the ability to provide short-term lay counselling that is goal-orientated. The primary aim is to point people to a restored relationship with God. 

For those of you looking for a course in personal growth, this one is for you. Many GroupLife leaders have also found this Course gave them useful tools when facilitating their groups.

Included in the Course are basic Lay Counselling Skills Training with practical applications, tools and assessments [registration selection dependent].

Please note that the Wholeness Course [4-session] is a prerequisite to the Grace Counsellor Training Course and is available on DVD [R100] with accompanying manual [R50]. This can also be obtained digitally.

The Wholeness Course covers the Theology behind the Model of Lay Counselling used in the Grace Counsellor Training Course. The truths learned in this Course will be valuable for personal application to prepare for counselling others.

The Wholeness Course is perfect for anyone seeking to understand how God fits into every aspect of their lives. It is a great next step for those new in their faith, for those seeking to grow and for those wishing to become lay counsellors. It brings together the five areas of human function – the spiritual, rational, behavioural, physical and emotional aspects of self. Attenders will better understand why they think, feel and behave the way they do.

Please email to order the Wholeness Course.


The Grace Counsellor Training Course offers:

The Grace Counselling Model

  • Client Story
  • Thirsts and God’s Story (Genesis 1-3) 
  • Process
  • Essay Guidelines

Grace Counselling Skills Training

  • Identifying Three Mindsets
  • Self-Awareness
  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Questioning
  • Empathy
  • Attending Skills
  • Handling Silence
  • Confrontation
  • Resistance
  • Strong Emotions
  • Self-Disclosure
  • Immediacy
  • Defence Mechanisms
  • Counselling Process | Evaluation and Endings
  • Co-Counsellor Feedback

Exam and Assessment [for potential Lay Counsellors]


Registration guidelines for those wanting to become / develop in:

  • A LAY CHRISTIAN COUNSELLOR - Students need to provide two character reference forms and attend 80% of the sessions. Students will also be required to pass the criteria for the Essay, Exam and role assessment. Please note that completion of the Course does not guarantee that students will become lay counsellors upon completion. | R1250pp [payment plan available]
  • PERSONAL GROWTH / GROUPLIFE / MINISTRY LEADERS – Access to the full training but will not participate in counsellor exams and assessments at the end of the training. | R1000pp [payment plan available]
  • PASTORAL COFFEE-CUP-CONVERSATIONS - For those of you who are looking for a course in personal growth, this one's for you. Many Life Group Leaders have also found this course gave them useful tools when facilitating their groups.. [You will only attend the first three sessions of the Course] | R500pp
  • COUNSELLOR REPEAT | MODEL ONLY - existing counsellors wanting to repeat the Grace Counselling Model. | R150pp
  • COUNSELLOR REPEAT | SKILLS ONLY - existing counsellors wanting to repeat the Grace Counselling Model. | R150pp
  • COUNSELLOR REPEAT | FULL - existing counsellors wanting to redo the entire course. | R250pp


Grace Counselling Mentorship

The next exciting step! Once you have your Grace Lay Counselling Certificate, you can enter our Grace Counselling Mentorship as a Mentee where you will have a Mentor showing you how to put all that you have learnt into practice with live cases. This is a great opportunity for gaining valuable experience first-hand. When you are ready you will be moved into a Lead Lay Counsellor role and will mentor new students as they come into the programme.

As part of the Mentorship Program you will benefit from the Upskill and Pastoral Counsellor Coaching sessions, which aim to keep you equipped for the counselling room. 

Our valued counselors volunteer hours in time slots that suit them and at the site that is convenient for them. We have counselling facilities at our Grace Family Church campuses at Ballito, Cornubia, Riverside, and Online and at Harvest Church in Somerset Park. 


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Grace Counselling serves the local community by providing counselling resources and services through a network of churches.

Grace Counselling was birthed out of a passion to see God's Church serve a broken and hurting world. The demand however often outweighs the resource, so the vision grew into seeing churches pool their counselling related resources to serve each other and the community.


This site aims to be an open-access resource to aid all forms of counselling from church based, volunteer driven counsellors to professionals in the private sector and include resources from support groups to personal growth courses.


We also have lists of counselling professionals in our community and an overview of addiction treatment centres with direct links to their websites.


Our heart is to also see the standard of training available for lay volunteer counsellors in our churches grow, so if you are interested in further counselling training, then check out our upcoming training courses.


At Grace Counselling, we are all about being part of God's plan in putting the pieces of people's lives back together [Psalm 20.24 MSG].

Join us on this journey.


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