grace counselling team

Grace Counselling have over one hundred volunteer lay counsellors who serve their local community through Biblically-based face to face counselling, support groups and pastoral coaching.

They work in pairs for accountability and as part of a mentor/mentee programme.

the team

The team at Grace Counselling comprises staff and volunteers.

  • Gail farndell grace counselling director

    Gail heads up the Grace Counselling Teams across campuses and online.

    She brings her own strengths of care, a strong eye for detail and a  desire to see deep healing in our communities.

    Gail is a qualified Pastoral Counsellor and Life Coach and has experience in these fields in both the private and business sector. Gail is a seasoned Grace Counsellor. She has a degree in Pastoral Counselling - MyFiladelfia (MINTS International) and is a Qualified Life Coach through Dyamic Life Coach Academy.

  • lu harman counselling COORDINATOR

    Lu coordinates Grace Counselling across campuses, with the invaluable help of a team of Grace Counselling volunteers.

    She is passionate about seeing people restored to a relationship with God and loves providing support to the Grace Counsellors on the team. 

  • mercy pillay volunteer co-ordinator, cornubia campus

    Mercy sees the amazing work of the Holy Spirit each time she is in the counselling room. Her goal is to encourage a closer walk with God through the Grace Counseling process. "As a result of counselling, most counsellees have a renewed sense of hope and healing, which impacts both their families and communities."

    Higher Certificate in Christian Community Counselling: Cornerstone University