Madz Deyzel is the founder of Grace Counselling, a lay counselling ministry at Grace Family Church in Durban, South Africa, where she developed the Wholeness Counselling Framework and the Wholeness Course. 

Currently, her primary focus is teaching and training lay counsellors and mentoring churches in the development of lay counselling ministries. 

She holds a B.A. Hons. Degree in Theology and Counselling through the London School of Theology and the Waverley Counselling Centre.

See her teachings and Conference plenaries here.


Who walks into your counselling room? Who leaves? 

Watch and listen as Madz Deyzel shares on this topic from the 2018 Christian Counselling Conference.

many parts of one body

professionals and the church

Watch and listen as Madz Deyzel opens the 2017 Christian Counselling Conference on roles of professionals and counsellors in the healing journey of those in our communities.

jesus, counselling and the church

Listen to the opening plenary from the 2016 Christian Counselling Conference as Madz Deyzel shares on the role of counselling in the Christian faith and in the Church.