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These introductory play therapy workshops are aimed at providing participants with an introduction to play therapy, different play therapy models, techniques and skills that can be applied during service-rendering to clients with moderate emotional problems.

The following aspects are addressed: 

  • Unique characteristics of the child client
  • Theoretical concepts of child-centred play therapy and gestalt play therapy
  • A multi-dimensional play therapy model for assessing children
  • How to prepare for the first play therapy session
  • Setting up a playroom
  • Goals and administrative forms for the first parent consultation (participants will receive several handouts that can be used)
  • Assessment play techniques for pre-school children with emotional problems
  • Assessment play techniques for children 5 years and older
  • Skills for structuring a non-directive play therapy session
  • Skills for setting boundaries during play therapy
  • Skills for building a relationships with children in the play room
  • Understanding children’s unique temperament and how to take this into account when planning a play session
  • Activities and techniques for enhancing children’s contact-making skills
  • Projective techniques that can be applied during play therapy. The focus will be on drawing and painting, clay play, sand tray therapy, dream work and making use of puppets and puppet theatre
  • Self-nurturing work with children
  • Termination in play therapy

During the workshop the focus will be on experiential learning and course participants will get the opportunity to take part in drawing, clay play, sand play, sensory work and work with puppets. DVD’s will be shown to further illustrate certain concepts.

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Do you always understand yourself? 

Can your children express themselves? 

These cards are designed to help children (and adults) 

understand feelings and build more connection with themselves and others. 

By highlighting emotions and suggesting exercises for exploring them, 

the Feelings Cards help all users develop emotional awareness

The cards and exercises are based on years of practical experience, 

personal growth and professional experience. 

An essential tool to help the children in your life build emotional awareness, 

express their needs and manage their feelings healthily.

These Feeling Cards have been created to help you to:

• notice what you are feeling

• increase your emotional vocabulary

• identify your different emotions

• express your feelings to others

• understand what your emotions are trying to tell you

• learn ways to understand and navigate all your emotions


• 10 Junior Picture Cards

• 25 Senior Picture Cards

• 50 emotion word cards

• 80 page booklet

Kate Rowe, Founder  

+27 82 374 8684


the attachment foundation

Attachment Foundation was founded because they believe that attachment practices can change lives. 

Through this organisation, they aim to provide you with current information and training on evidence-based attachment theory and practices whether you are raising children, working with children, interested in relationships, or are keen to learn more about yourself. 

Attachment foundation invites you to join us on a journey of discovery, transformation, security, and growth.

Check out their blog here.