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Sometimes we need tools to help us navigate the more difficult situations we find in life.

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memo's from madz

While it is wise to learn from your mistakes, it is wiser to learn from the mistakes of others. 

As a counsellor, Madz Deyzel spends time in the counselling room listening to the mistakes of others. 

Click here to read her blog that deals with grief, marriage, self-worth and more.

hope for women

Hope for Women was founded in 2009 with the vision to end human trafficking and bring restoration to survivors through awareness and prevention initiatives, which are carried out alongside direct interventions to rescue, restore and reintegrate those who have fallen prey to the horrors of trafficking.

Connect with the team here or on 071 183 9201 or email

the attachment foundation

Attachment Foundation was founded because they believe that attachment practices can change lives. 

Through this organisation, they aim to provide you with current information and training on evidence-based attachment theory and practices whether you are raising children, working with children, interested in relationships, or are keen to learn more about yourself. 

Attachment foundation invites you to join us on a journey of discovery, transformation, security, and growth.

Check out their blog here.

lessons learned in the therapist's chair dr diane langberg

Dr Diane Langberg is a practicing psychologist whose clinical expertise includes 35 years of working with trauma survivors and clergy. She speaks internationally on topics related to women, trauma, ministry and the Christian life.

She is the director of Diane Langberg, Ph.D. & Associates, a group practice in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, staffed by Christian psychologists, social workers and counselors. The staff has expertise in many areas, including sexual and domestic abuse, addictions, depression and eating disorders. They work with adults, children and adolescents, and couples.

Lessons Learned in the Therapist's Chair - Audio

Make sure you check out her audio resources for counsellors.

global trauma recovery institute

A missional initiative by Biblical Seminary & under the leadership of Dr. Diane Langberg & Dr. Philip Monroe, the institute consists of a clinical faculty able to teach, train, and supervise individuals and groups seeking to enhance effective ministry and provide best clinical practices.

Trauma is the mission field of the 21st century. Trauma disrupts life, dissolves relationships & hinders faith development wherever it is experienced. As an expression of the Gospel, missional Christians follow Jesus into the world to care for the least of these suffering the effects of trauma.

GTRI provides high quality continuing educational resources, skills training, and case consultation for mental health clinicians, ministry leaders, & professionals interested in addressing the needs of psychosocial trauma victims in the United States and around the world.

Click here to find out about online training and resources.

marriage  love and respect

Dr Emerson Eggerichs, Phd, Pastor, best selling author of "Love & Respect" alongside his son Jonathan Eggerichs, PsyD, host a podcast where they talk about Love and Respect in relationships whilst connecting theology and psychology. 

Their podcast highlights discussions between pastor and clinical psychologist, father and son. It is certain to serve and encourage men who desperately need to feel respected, and women who most desire to feel loved.

No person or relationship, whether inside or outside the home, is off-limits.

Listen to theirt podcast here.

imago marriage

When relationships get tough, it can be hard to listen, and impossible to feel heard. 

Imago shows you how to reconnect by using a new way of talking together called the Imago Intentional Dialogue. It's a way of listening and speaking which helps you learn more about each other. Imago tools can help you discover what lies beneath relationship conflict, and how to resolve it together.


If you need practical tools to aid better communication in your relationship, then Imago therapy is a fantastic route to investigate. 

Check out the Imago website to find a Imago therapist or Imago course near you.

brain the renewal of the mind

Dr Caroline Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist and since the early 1980‘s she has studied and researched the Mind-Brain connection through asking the question, can the mind change the brain? 

She has some incredible resources and tools for helping people understand what actually happens in the thought development process. She will give you insight into how you can literally change your brain structure through changing the way you think. 

We are literally transformed through changing the way we think.

boundaries - a 5 day challenge

Do you feel like others have more control over your life than they should? Do you feel guilty or afraid when you consider telling someone "no"? Maybe it's time to learn the power of boundaries with this 5-day challenge.

Remember you can do the full Boundaries course during the course of the year through Grace Grow Night, or complete it within your small group.

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