Support Groups create a wonderful environment for people to journey with like-minded people. 

All Grace Counselling groups are led by trained volunteer lay counsellors.


    These meetings run through a Biblical 12-Step Programme.

    Ballito - Grace Ballito, Mondays 1830-2030,

    Durban North - Anthem, Mondays Wednesdays 1830-2030,

    Riverside - Grace Riverside, Mondays 1830-2030,

    Pretoria - Redemption Hill Ministries, Tel 012 259 0623,

    These meetings encourage accountability, but attenders can be as engaged or anonymous as they feel comfortable.

  • anxiety and depression support group

    If you are struggling with anxiety or depression, we have a support group that could help you.

    If your sleep is erratic, you feel nervous or anxious, you battle to concentrate and feel irritable or out of control, or you literally feel like you can’t breathe you might be struggling with anxiety. Grace Counselling is starting an Anxiety and Depression Support Group on Thursdays at Grace Riverside, 1830-2030.

    This group is led by trained volunteer lay counsellors. They will give you practical tools to manage your anxiety and share your journey with others.

    No need to sign up, just come along.

    Durban North - Grace Riverside, Thursdays 1830-2030

    Tel 031 003 1830 | Email

  • cansa - sUPPORT GROUPS

    Durban North - Durban North Methodist, 2nd Tuesday of each month, 0930-1130

    Umhlanga - Umhlanga Oncology, last Wednesday of each month, 1730-1900

    Westville - Westville Baptist, 1st Monday of each month, 1800-1900

  • divorce care course and support groups

    This 13-week Course along with aligned support groups help unpack divorce in a healthy and holistic way.

    Pinetown - His Church, Wednesdays 1800 - 2000

    uMhlanga - Christ Church, Sundays 1400-1600, Robyn 031 572 6542

    Westville - Westville Baptist, Mondays 1900-2030,

  • divorce care 4 kids

    This course, along with aligned support groups, helps unpack a divorce in a healthy and holistic and healthy way.

    Pinetown - His Church, Wednesdays 1800, Tel 031 701 6211,


    If you have a friend or family member who struggles with addictions of any kind, and whose decisions negatively affect your life, come along to this group led by trained volunteer lay counsellors.

    Durban North - Grace Riverside, Mondays 1830-2030,

    ***Please note that this group will join The Boundaries Course to be held at Grace Riverside for eight Mondays starting 16 October. Find out more here.


    GriefShare is a 13-week course what assist people on the journey of grief. Several churches run this course and support groups are at any given location and time.

    Hillcrest - Hillside Church, Thursdyas 1500-1700, Tel 084 4704949 , [starting 27 July 2017]

    Pinetown - His Church, Wednesdays 1815, Tel 031 701 6211,

    uMhlanga - Umhlanga Baptist, Guy 031 561 3033,

    Westville - Westville Baptist, Tel 084 402 4395,

    For groups outside of these areas, please go to

  • new id - eating disorders

    Vineyard Church has a team of women who have overcome their own eating disorders. They now run support and the New Identity Course which helps people discover that "freedom is possible".

    Durban North - 17 Ennisdale Drive, Kirsten 071 896 8820,


    Counselling Psychologist Claire Moore  is running a free pornography addiction support group in conjunction with Westville Baptist Church on the last Monday of every month, at her offices, 12 Haven Road Westville.

    Dates are subject to change so please ring before you attend.

    Anyone wanting to join the group should call or message Claire on 084 404 1140.


    There are hundreds of Single & Parenting groups meeting weekly at locations around the world. There’s probably one near you! The Single & Parenting program is designed so that you can join the group at any time. You will be welcomed and encouraged.

    Pinetown - His Church, Wednesdays 1800, Tel 031 701 6211,

    For groups outside of these areas, please go to