lay counselling training

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Three-Session Course

Available on DVD and runs live at Grace Family Church in April and October

The Wholeness Course covers the theology behind the model of counselling used at Grace Counselling. It is important that all wanting to be trained up as a lay counsellor do this course and apply to their own lives, the truths learned on this Course.

The Wholeness Course is available on DVD for R100 with an accompanying work manual for R50, and it runs live twice a year at Grace Family Church Riverside or uMhlanga.

Wholeness can be run in a church, small groups or people can buy their own copy and work through it in the privacy of their own homes. The Wholeness Course is perfect for anyone seeking to understand how God fits into every aspect of their lives. It is a great next step for those new in their faith, for those seeking to grow and for those wishing to become lay counsellors.


Ten-Session Course

Runs annually at Grace Family Church in January through March.

For all those have completed the Wholeness Course and now wish to become lay counsellors*, the next step is to do the 10-week Wholeness Counselling Course that runs in January of each year. This runs over 10 weeks for 2 hours once a week with two attendance options - Friday mornings or Monday evenings. The Wholeness Counselling Training Course teaches the model / framework of counselling that we use in lay counselling. The Course will cover the theology and psychology behind the model, which aims at walking short-term goal-orientated journeys in pointing people back to a right relationship with God. 

*Please note that completion of the Course does not guarantee that students will become lay counsellors upon completion. 

The Wholeness Counselling Training Course | Overview

Session 1

• Intro

• Overview of Wholeness Counselling Framework

• Story

• Practical triplet work on story

• Homework – self assessment

Session 2

• Process – emotions, beliefs and behaviours

• Thirsts – biggest hurts

• Practical triplet work on biggest hurts

• Homework – case studies

Session 3

• Thirsts

• Process

• Story

• Practical triplet work – case studies

• Homework – Samaritan woman – John 4

• God story script – Genesis 1-3

Session 4

• Preparation of a counselling session

• Visitors, victims and victors

• Communication

• Self-awareness and feedback

• Practical triplet work on emotions

• Homework – 2000 word essay

Session 5

• Listening

• Attending and primary Empathy

• Practical triplet work on listening skills

• Homework – case studies

Session 6

• Handing silence

• Probing questions

• Summaries

• Advanced Empathy

• Practical – creative drawing

Session 7

• Confrontation

• Resistance and strong emotions

• Transference and counter-transference

• Projection

• Self-disclosure and immediacy

• Practical triplet work on immediacy

• Homework – study for exams

Session 8

• Practical – movie

Session 9

• Exam [1 hour]

Session 10

• Defense mechanisms

• Learning to hear God's voice

• Evaluation and endings

• Please hear what I am not saying [poem]


• Friday night – group session

• Saturday morning – practical assessments

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