marriage conference

"When Two Become One ..."


Much planning and preparation goes into the wedding day … ‘when two become one’!

It’s within the journey of marriage, however, that two often become undone, and the need for strong foundations and effective resources are crucial if two are to remain one.

Our 2019 Conference theme speaks to marriages, and at the same time will deliver life-giving tools so that marriages can thrive instead of just survive.


Friday Intensive 

Friday will be hosted by Strengths Finders Expert Allan Kelsey and his incredible wife Stephanie who are both pastors at Gateway Church in Dallas Texas. Allan co-wrote “Strengths Based Marriage” with Jimmy Evans. Allan and Stephanie will be teaching into strengths-based marriage and how to focus on your spouse’s best innate attributes. Understanding their motivations will give brand new insight into what makes them come alive. This is a pro-active approach to marriage through better understanding yourself and your spouse, and finding new ways to appreciate and relate to each other

It is a must for ALL couples, ministry leaders, pastoral counsellors and professionals.


Saturday Conference 

We will cover a variety of topics from an extensive faculty, including –

The impact of trauma and stress on a marriage.

Richard and Jaci Mun-Gavin

How to communicate when your sexual past begins to impact your present - ranging from sexual addiction to sexual abuse and everything in between.

Brian and Kim Fowler

When the spouse of your dreams turns into the spouse of your nightmares.

Dr Charisse Le Roux

Leadership in marriage - who should take the lead?

Adam Bright

When attractions become distractions.

Allan and Steph Kelsey


Breakaway Sessions –

When Two Families Become One - The Complexities of Blended Families

Presented by Madz Deyzel, Founder and Director of Grace Counselling, and

Dr Wendy Greyvensteyn, who has completed  her doctorate on the interface of religion, spirituality and psychology

The Effectiveness of Play Therapy in Marriage

Presented by Dr Rinda Blom, Director of Red Shoe Play Therapy


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